March 7th & 8th

Join us live in Atlanta and learn how to use
YouTube Video Marketing to get more clients

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Want more customers?

Invest in video. 


Nothing drives more traffic to your website and increases sales! 


Live streams. Vlogs. Tutorials. Testimonials. Product demos. Interviews. Ads.


Videos are expected to account for 80 percent of all web traffic in 2019. So many options...


Facebook Live. Twitter. Instagram Stories and IGTV. Vimeo. Periscope. And of course, YouTube, the second-largest search engine. 


Think about your viewing habits as a consumer:


You rather watch a 45-second video than read 800 words on the same subject. 






  • Problem 1  
    You can't afford to hire a video production team. Not on your small business budget.


    You're going to have to do this yourself. Life of an entrepreneur... *sigh*

  • Problem 2  
    Creating impactful, amazing videos that match your personal or business brand's standard of sophistication is easier said than done.

  • Problem 3 
    It's another task on your long list of small business needs. A task you can't afford to push down the road
    ― or else. #RIP 

Your business needs quality content to
spark lead generation... NOW.

So many possibilities. So many questions!

"How do I figure out what to record?"


"What kind of equipment do I need?"


"Should I appear on camera or hire a spokesperson?"


"How do I map out content in the video?"



How can small businesses create videos that introduce thousands of new, potential customers to
their products and services?



Glad you asked. I'll show you how.

About your Instructor

Hi! I'm Socially Nina, a Digital Marketing Consultant and Executive Trainer for Small Business Owners AKA the streamline-your-biz expert.

My superpowers: I show you how to overcome the overwhelm and transform passions into profits.

I've helped thousands of not-too-tech-savvy entrepreneurs and small businesses launch, succeed scale by creating fun & informative YouTube videos and live steams. My Facebook community supports and shares startup stories. And for businesses that need a real accountability, I offer one-on-one consulting.

In 2018, I reached a milestone: 1,000,000 views on my YouTube channel! I can show you how. Ready?

You deserve this. Let’s get started!



Create videos that you would watch as a consumer

Produce quality content that scales your business with speed

Showcase your videos on social media platforms with ease

Bring old, unwatched videos back to life with easy revamps

Tammy Estwick

Live TV Storyteller

I’m Tammy Estwick, an award-winning television news reporter, entrepreneur and speaker. I spend my days (and nights!) in front of live TV cameras, telling hundreds of thousands of viewers in the New Orleans area about stories that are important to them.


These live shots often occur at the site of crime investigations, festivals and courtroom trials – where public emotions run the gamut. Out here, the only thing that’s predictable is the unpredictable.


“Tammy… You’re LIVE in three…two…one…”


To perform on live TV, I had to learn to adjust my body language to match the story: Mournful or light-hearted. Serious or thought-provoking. Innocent and inspiring. I also learned how to stare into a tiny camera lens and talk as if my Mom was on the other end.  


Now, I’m going to show you how to utilize these same skills to create dynamic, energetic videos for your YouTube channel!


Can’t wait to meet you guys at Video Creators Camp!


PS - Follow me on Instagram to check out my Color of the Day 👗

Video Marketing Made Easy

Stop Struggling with Video Marketing

Join us live to learn how to use video marketing to attract new clients. 

  • Topic Mapping

    Learn my secret strategy for creating endless YouTube video topics. Learn this trick and you’ll never stress over topics again.

  • Script Writing

    Watch, subscribe.. or move on? You have three seconds (or less) to give viewers a reason to do the former... or else, they'll do the later.

    Their decisions will boost your video's performance ― allowing more potential customers to see it ― or send it to the video dumpster. Sounds like we need to create custom scripts that keep viewers amazed every second.

  • Confidence on Camera

    Lights. Camera... Payments! Fight that fear ― get over yourself and learn how to feel comfortable on camera. (I'll even tell you how I got over my camera shyness) #yesme

  • YouTube Channel Setup

    Setting up your YouTube channel the right way can be the difference between collecting views vs. collecting clients. Learn the right way to set up a YouTube channel.

  • Studio Setup

    Where should you record videos? What lighting should you use?

    Do you need a fancy camera?

    What about a mic? 

    Where should you stand?

    RELAX. BREATH... and we'll walk through your studio setup.

  • Video Production

    Discover simple strategies to edit videos ― quick. No editing experience necessary. Time to join the world of video editing.

    And don't sleep on smartphones. Entire movies have been shot on these devices. 

  • Community Building

    Learn how to create an online community of loyal subscribers. Who are they... What moves them... What do they want from you?

    Get in the heads of your favorite fans and discover the content they want to see on your channel.  

  • Video Marketing Techniques

    Drive traffic to your channel by reviewing analytics and adjusting your strategy. These strategic tips increase video views. And an increase in views increases the opportunity for potential sales!

  • SEO for Videos

    Follow these simple steps to get your video listed on Page 1 of search results. After all, you put so much work into creating your video; it deserves to be seen. 

    GET MORE VIEWS. #EverythingIsSearchable

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  • Live & Interactive workshop setting is perfect for action-takers that are ready to start NOW! 

    Ever watch a self-paced course and wonder:

    "What the what? Wait, I've got a few questions... Where/how did you..."

    Click, next slide.


    SLOW DOWN! Everybody learns at different speeds. That's why every attendee has live access to the training and of course, Socially Nina!

    Ask questions as they pop in your head and get real answers in real time!

  • Actionable techniques that you can implement immediately 

    Want to create momentum for your business? Momentum starts inside. After all, we're here to learn, but a deeper reason for joining: Take immediate action.

  • Simple strategies to generate passive income …. Even if you haven’t created your channel or don’t know where to start… START HERE!  

    I get it. You’re busy – like full-time busy. You have a full-time job, full-time business or both. You’re a full-time wife, full-time mom and you’re trying to decide between this opportunity and personal self-care.

    This needs to work.

    After all, you don’t have time to play online. You’re trying to live your best life.

    Don’t worry. We got you! 

  • Hands-on exercises and homework - Get ready to earn your Master's in
    video production!

    They say learning is half the battle. The other half? Doing it!

    You know what that means. Get ready to practice ― no, master ― your newfound video marketing skills. After each lesson, we'll complete exercises that bring your digital brand one step closer to the success it deserves.

  • Proven techniques to create multiple streams of income from YouTube


    Get 5,000 followers + YouTube pays your bills + quit your job… right?

    How ‘bout no!

    We all know not to put all our eggs in one basket. So when you think about videos... think about YouTube, but also consider other online platforms. 

    Nothing converts online better than video transforming viewers into customers. So leverage your visual content everywhere and discover multiple ways to earn $$$ online with your videos. 

  • Answers to 

    common video marketing questions

    • How to save time by creating calendar of video ideas
    • How much should you invest in video equipment
    • How to save time by creating videos in bunches
    • How to discover and nurture your on-camera persona to connect with target audience
    • How to avoid getting frustrated when recorder's block sets in
    • How to create videos that maintain relevance and leads to sales weeks, months... years later
    • How to create videos that make you proud of your work😂

Should you sign up?

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  • You have a small YouTube channel (under 10k subscribers; even if you're starting at 0)

  • You're an entrepreneur with product or service to sell 

  • You don’t have a business, but want to transform passion into profits 

  • You want to create a YouTube channel, but have no idea where to start

  • You're not a techy person, but you're motivated to learn

  • You uploaded videos to YouTube ― what's next?

You don't want to miss this event!

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