Why is this Course WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

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    Live & Interactive workshop setting is perfect for action-takers that are ready to start NOW! 

    Ever watch a self-paced course and wonder:

    "What the what? Wait, I've got a few questions... Where/how did you..."

    Click, next slide.


    SLOW DOWN! Everybody learns at different speeds. That's why every Side Hustler attendee joins our virtual conference room and dives into the discussion. Ask questions as they pop in your head and get answers!

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    Hands-on exercises and homework - Get ready to earn your Master's in

    They say learning is half the battle. The other half? Doing it!

    You know what that means. Get ready to practice - no, master - your newfound side-hustle skills during our workshop. After each lesson, we'll complete exercises that bring your digital brand one step closer to the success it deserves.

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    Actionable techniques that you can implement immediately 

    Want to create momentum for your business? Momentum starts with inside. After all, we're here to learn, but a deeper reason for joining: Take immediate action.

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    Proven techniques to create multiple streams of income thanks to your new side-hustle

    Get 5,000 followers + YouTube pay your bills + quit your job… right? How ‘bout no! I consistently make thousands of dollars because of my YouTube videos. But YouTube is one of several partners that pay me. There are so many ways to make $$$ with your channel! Let me show you.

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    Simple strategies to generate passive income …. Even if you haven’t created your channel or don’t know where to start… START HERE!  

    I get it. You’re busy – like full-time busy. You have a full-time job, full-time business, or both. You’re a full-time wife, full-time mom and you’re trying to decide between this opportunity and personal self-care. This needs to work. After all, you don’t have time to play online. You’re trying to live your best life.

    Don’t worry; I got you! This program is specially built for your part-time schedule.

Here's What You'll Learn!

2-Day virtual workshop 

DAY 1: Saturday, March 23rd || DAY 2: Saturday, April 6th


Learn how to create a community of loyal subscribers - who are they and what do they want from you?


Learn my secret strategy for creating endless YouTube video topics. Once you learn this trick, you’ll never stress over topics again.


Rank your videos on the first page of search results and GET MORE VIEWS.


Lights, camera, Payments! Fight that fear; learn how to feel comfortable on camera. (I'll even tell you how I got over my camera shyness)






Watch and subscribe or hit the skip button? You have five seconds (or less) before your audience makes this decision. It's a decision which will either boost your video or knock it in the video dumpster. Let's create custom scripts that capture attention.


Drive traffic to your channel by reviewing analytics and adjusting your strategy. These strategic tips will increase video views.





About your Instructor

Hi I'm Nina, Digital Marketing Consultant and Executive Trainer for Small Business Owners – AKA the streamline-your-biz expert.

My superpowers: I show you how to overcome the overwhelm and transform your passions into profits.

I've helped thousands of not-too-tech-savvy entrepreneurs and small businesses launch and scale with fun & informative YouTube videos and live steams, my passionate Facebook community and one-on-one consulting.

In 2018, I reached a milestone: one million views on my YouTube channel... I can show you how. Ready?

You deserve this. Let’s get started!

What You Get...

This is more than a training, more than a workshop..... THIS IS A MOVEMENT!


Get started immediately. Ask questions during the workshop.


Learn from fellow YouTubers. Join our Facebook group and get the extra push you need to achieve success!


The road to success starts with step-by-step instructions, worksheets and (my favorite!) action guides.

June 29th & July 13th

2-Day Virtual Workshop

  • Seven strategies for small YouTube channels to generate income
  • How to create content that leads to $$$ 
  • How to build a YouTube channel around your passions 
  • How to enjoy new revenue streams without sacrificing family time 
  • How to cure the “0 view” blues  

YouTube Side Hustle Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group

  • An exclusive social learning community 
  • Community support – ask questions and get answers when you need them 
  • Opportunities and challenges to increase your YouTube views  
  • Support as you matriculate  through the Virtual Workshop AND YouTube Masterclass  (ask your technical questions here)  

Re-watch lessons when you 're ready & relaxed

Lifetime Access

  • Free for life: Join future YouTube Side Hustle virtual workshops
  • Slow it Down: Enjoy lifetime access to workshop replays & YouTube Side Hustle Action Guides
  • Keep Up: Be informed about YouTube’s frequent updates (algorithm, interface changes, and more)

Your powerful guide to get started NOW

Passive Income Action Guide

  • Step-by-step blueprint to build passive income 
  • Where to start: selecting the right vendors
  • Affiliate Marketing Tips
  • Tools and resources 
  • Marketing techniques and strategies 
  • Your powerful guide to get started NOW 

Love Notes from YouTube Side Hustle Alumni

They are going all-in, sharing their passions with the world.  These are the YouTube side-hustlers.


Iman Gurley

The Gurley Chef

It is the TRUTH!

If you ever wondered where to start or how to navigate and monetize social media but just didn't know the first step... this class is calling your name! As cliche as that sounds, it is the TRUTH! It's hands on, interactive and stimulating.

Glenda Pratt

Professional Organizer 

Immediate Actions...

Liked both workshops providing exercises to implement immediate actions… immediate feedback helped me see I am moving in the right direction. Gained more clarity/ confidence in why I'm creating my channel.

Zenobia Porter

Personal Development Coach /
Life Locksmith

Increased my Visibility

Nina has an innate way of providing strategies and insight into YouTube that I haven't seen anywhere else. She removed the mystery of setting up, maintaining, and growing a YouTube channel by taking the time to do a deep dive into the inner-workings of YouTube and taught me how to leverage it in a variety of ways that have increased my visibility.

Is this Course Right for You?


  • You have a small YouTube channel(under 10,000 subscribers; even if you're starting at 0)

  • You're an entrepreneur with product or service to sell 

  • You don’t have a business, but you want to transform passion into profits 

  • You want to create a YouTube channel, but have no idea where to start

  • You're not a techy person, but know you're motivated to learn

  • You need a side-hustle for your side-hustle #passiveincome

  • You uploaded videos to YouTube - what's next?

[Nina] offers a lot of strategy... Nina has been so effective, and she just tied everything together and it’s magical when it all works.

Desi Wenzel

#YouTubeSideHustle Member

Personal Development Coach /
Self Care Specialist


YouTube Masterclass ($500 value)


  • How to create a successful YouTube Channel 
  • How to use YouTube to build your tribe 
  • How to get more YouTube subscribers 
  • How to record and edit YouTube Videos
  • How to REALLY profit from creating YouTube videos 
  • How to create a RECOGNIZABLE brand   
  • … Everything you need to start your YouTube channel today! 

YouTube Masterclass Workbook ($97 value)

A printable guide for creating a successful YouTube channel. Guide includes worksheets, tips, and tricks to help you ease through the YouTube Masterclass and channel setup.

Workshop Replays ($249 value)

Lifetime Access to workshop replays. Go back and watch the training again and again as you execute your hustle plan.

Socially Nina Thomas really changed my business and really changed my thought process about how to utilize YouTube. Until I met her … I was overwhelmed - SERIOUSLY – about using YouTube. She made it applicable. She made it user friendly, and now...
I’m growing my YouTube community and tribe.

Roshanda "Ro Sho" Pratt

Live Stream Expert
Former Television News Producer

Join the Movement! Choose Your Plan Below.

Payment Plan



2 monthly payments

  • 2-day live virtual workshop

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Lifetime access to replays

  • Lifetime access to YTSH virtual workshop

  • Passive Income Action Guide

  • YouTube Masterclass

Pay in Full



1 payment

  • 2-day live virtual workshop

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Lifetime access to replays

  • Lifetime access to YTSH virtual workshop

  • Passive Income Action Guide

  • YouTube Masterclass

  • YTSH branded Wine Gift Set*

Upgrade to VIP



2 monthly payments

  • 2-day live virtual workshop

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Lifetime access to replays

  • Lifetime access to YTSH virtual workshop

  • Passive Income Action Guide

  • YouTube Masterclass

  • YTSH branded Wine Gift Set*

  • 90-Minute Strategy Session


Not sure if you can do this alone?

I don’t want to be in front of the camera because I start doubting myself – I'm too nerdy; I feel like I look weird; I'm boring; will people even watch me?

I don’t have a product or service to sell:(

You don’t need one to get started... I’m serious. You don’t need a product or service to monetize a YouTube channel. During this workshop, I’ll give you seven ways to monetize your small channel. If you have less than 10,000 subscribers – heck, if you have under five subscribers – this program is for you! The bonuses will help you launch your channel.

I don’t want to be a full-time YouTuber

I’m not techy. I don’t know how to set up my channel, record videos, or even how to get views

I’m on so many social media platforms. Do I really need to be on YouTube?

You’re not alone😛. You’ll be surrounded by business coaches, moms and entrepreneurs with the same goals, all going through courses.


Got questions? Ask 'em! This tribe is all about support… Need an extra kick in the rear? We got that too!  


Let's meet one-on-one to create a custom blueprint that fits your lifestyle, technical skills, and goals. This is in addition to the YouTube Masterclass, taking you step-by-step through the creation of your YouTube channel theme and topics, as well as learning how to attract viewers.

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